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About Us

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It all started when...

I was in college and I knew that my future needed to be something more than just being educated, just being a regular dude, living in boring routines. I wanted to follow my passion, creating entertainment for people that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime, so long you have access to a smartphone. After going through some ideas, I finally figured out one that was quite frankly absurd. The moment I gave birth to this creation, I knew that it was more than just addictive. I knew that it was fun, and more importantly, I knew that it was easy to play and truly hard to master. The game is Bananas!! Literally and figuratively. Try going for a run in this crazy game, see how far you get. Here at Viral Games, we strive to make games that create a bang around the world.


CEO - Lucas Ramallo

I am here to bring ideas, joy, and excitement to those that surround me. Who knows what Viral Games has in store for you!


Lead Developer - Lucas Ramallo

Self-taught programmer. My love for coding came from my curiosity on what I could make a computer do for me. What a spectacular feeling you get when a program executes nothing like you intended it to do. Ahhh, the fun of programming. 


CFO - Lucas Ramallo

Money is important. I enjoy handling it for the man up top, Lucas Ramallo. 


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10620 Southern Highlands Pkwy. Suite 110-260

Las Vegas, NV 89141


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